“Poppy” by Cunningham

  • ©James Cunningham






    “Poppy” is set on France’s western front in World War One. Two New Zealand soldiers are trapped behind enemy lines. They find a baby in a muddy ditch, under its dead parents. One of the men wants to save it – the other does not. Based on true events, “Poppy” was written by the great-grandson of one of these soldiers.

Additional Contributors:

    Writer: David Coyle
    Producer: Paul Swadel

    Matthew Sunderland, Paddy
    Paul Glover, Jack
    Camille Keenan, Nun
    Marek Sumich, German

    Story: David Coyle, Costa Botes
    Script Editing: Kathryn Burnett
    CG Supervisor – Lead: James Cunningham
    Technical Director: Leslie Chan
    CG Artists: Stephen Fleet, Sonya Hsu-Ya Chang
    Additional Animators: Kevin Simons, Joseph Poole
    Motion Capture: Weta Digital Ltd
    Motion Capture Supervisor: Dejan Momcilovic
    Motion Capture Production Manager: Lisa Wildermoth
    Motion Capture Coordinator: John Aberdein
    Bidding Producer: Gayle Munro
    Motion Capture Pipeline Supervisor: Phil Bolt
    Motion Capture Stage Manager: Jake Botting
    Motion Capture Stage Assistant: Tim Haigh
    Motion Capture TDs: John Curtis, James Van Der Reyden
    Senior Motion Editor: Bassim Haddad
    Motion Editor: Sigtor Kildal
    Sound Recordist: Ray Beentjes
    Camera Operators: Roger Shortt, Nick Wilson, Roger Grant
    Clapper: David Coyle
    Composer & Sound Designer: Dave Whitehead
    Sound Effects & Foley Editors: Stefanie Ng, Rowan Wilson
    Post Production: Digipost Ltd
    IT Manager: Matt Cunningham
    Colorist: Pete Williams
    Park Road Post: Production Ltd
    Sound Facility Manager: John Neil
    Re-Recording Mixer: Gilbert Lake
    Laboratory Operations Manager: Brian Scadden
    Lab Production Coordinator: Martin Edwards
    Film Recording: Weta FX Ltd
    Digital Imaging Manager: Pete Williams
    Film Recording Supervisor: Nick Booth
    Thanks to: Dave Demmocks & Joe Millward at Autodesk,Catherine Wheedon, DVT, Catherine Fournier, Freelance Animation School, Richard Taylor, Adam Finkelstein, Executive Producers Conbrio Shorts Ltd, Roger Grant, Christina Milligan, Rawiri Paratene in association with the Short Film Fund of the New Zealand Film Commission.

Animation / Video Overview: