“Phosphoros” by Külköylü and Mekus

  • ©Manolya Külköylü and Jan Philipp Mekus





Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg


    How does an idea develop? A small fire can be triggered by external influences into something much bigger. A small light can be a sea of lights. Experience an impressive example of how something totally unexpected, almost repulsive, can trigger something truly beautiful.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Francesco Faranna
    Visual Effects: Johannes Franz
    Technical Director: Vincent Ullmann
    Animation: Manolya Külköylü
    Music: Petteri Sainio
    Sound Design: Michael Böger
    Compositing: Manuel Rivoir
    Lighting and Shading: Kiril Mirkov
    Modeling: Jan Philipp Mekus, Kiril Mirkov
    Rigging: Hanna Binswanger
    Texturing: Jan Philipp Mekus
    Concept & Design: Manolya Külköylü”