“Peanut Butter Jelly” by Beaty

  • ©Alex Beaty


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    Peanut Butter Jelly




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Clemson University


    A tropical reef is divided between two groups of jellyfish swimming among the coral and historical wreckage. As a boat passing by drops trash overboard, the gelatinous dwellers discover a treasure they cannot resist.

Additional Contributors:

    Writer: Alex Beaty
    Producer: Jerry Tessendorf
    Modeling: Alex Beaty, Kevin Boggs, Jordan Gestring, Kara Gundersen, Doug Rizeakos, Dylan Swift
    Surfacing: Alex Beaty, Kevin Boggs, Brooke Buckley, Brianne Campbell, Kara Gundersen, Doug Rizeakos, Dylan Swift, Jenny Thompson
    FX: Jon Barry, Gowthaman Ilango, Hugh Kinsley, Mandy Morland, Doug Rizeakos
    Rigging: Alex Beaty
    Layout: Alex Beaty
    Animation: Alex Beaty, Jon Barry, Dylan Swift
    Lighting and Compositing: Alex Beaty, Kevin Boggs, Kara Gundersen, Jordan Gestring
    Software Development: Kacey Coley, Gowthaman Ilango, Jordan Gestring, Gina Nearing, Jerry Tessendorf, Josh Tomlinson
    Render Wrangling: Austin Brennan, Winslow Mohr, Christian Sharpe, Christian Stith, Jenny Thompson, Kelsey Turner, Paolo Usero, Matias Volonte, S. Thaddaeus Wassynger
    Sound Effects: Alex Beaty
    Music: Avant Garage