“Other Worlds” by Grower and Guaglione

  • ©John Grower and Eric Guaglione  Santa Barbara Studios, Inc.



    Other Worlds


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Santa Barbara Studios, Inc.


    A visually stunning and scientifically accurate short film tour of our solar system produced for the new “Where Next, Columbus?” exhibition at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.


    HARDWARE: IBM RS6000, Silicon Graphics Indigo Elan, Apple
    Quadra 950


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Wavefront TAV 3.0, Video Composer,
    Dynamation, Photoshop

Additional Contributors:

    Producers: Patricia Woodside, John Grower, Smithsonian
    Institution National Air and Space Museum Contributors
    Director: John Grower
    Narration: Ricardo Montalban
    Science Advisors: Dr. Eric De Jong, Dr. Ted Maxwell
    Animation Director: Eric Guaglione
    Animators: John Grower, Eric Guaglione, James Hourihan, William Kovacs, Ron Moreland, Mark Wendell
    Art Directors: Wayne Kimbell, Bruce Jones, Michael Gibson
    Music: Wayne Sabbak, James Wood
    Script: Andrew Maclear
    Planetary images provided by: Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA’s Solar System Visualization
    Team, NASA’s Center for Earth and Planetary Studies
    USGS Astrogeology Branch: Wayne Lytle,
    Cornell Theory Center
    IBM Corporation, Wavefront Technologies, Inc.,
    NASA/Solar System Visualization Project,
    Digital Magic Inc., Sound Advice, United
    Airlines, Inc.
    Copyright: 1992 Smithsonian Institution

Animation / Video Overview: