“Luxor Dream Sequence” by Kleiser and Walczak

  • ©Jeff Kleiser and Diana Walczak  The Trubell Co.



    Luxor Dream Sequence


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • The Trubell Co.


    This piece utilizes motion capture and ray tracing to depict a dream sequence in one of the attractions at Circus Circus Enterprises’ new hotel, Luxor, in Las Vegas. The dream explores the universal life-force that pervades the universe.


    HARDWARE: Silicon Graphics Crimson and Indigo, IBM
    POWER Visualization Luxor Dream Sequence
    #133 System


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Wavefront Technologies, Kleiser-Walczak
    proprietary. Frank Vitz Technical Consulting.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Kleiser-Walczak Construction Co. for The Trumbull Co./Circus Circus Enterprise
    Directors: Doug Trumbull, Arish Fyzee, The Trubell Co.
    Animation Directors: Jeff Kleiser, Diana Walczak
    Software/Animation: Frank Vitz, Lisa Reynolds
    Animation: Derry Frost
    Project Producer: Jeffrey A. Diamond
    Line Producer: Michael Van Himbergen
    Modeling: Patsy Frost, Robin Frances, Sarah Jane King, Erika Walczak, Stevan del George, Nicholas Hoppe
    Original Music:!. Baker Rowell
    Design: Robert Taylor, Sonny King

Animation / Video Overview: