“MR 316” by National Research Council of Canada

  • ©Guillaume Poirier, Philippe Massicotte, Louis Borgeat, and Guy Godin  National Research Council of Canada


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    MR 316


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  • National Research Council of Canada


    MR 316 is one of the inventory numbers assigned to the Mona Lisa over its long history. The number, located on the reverse of the painting, provides the starting point for an exploration of its shape, appearance, history, and rarely seen details as revealed through scientific study.

    In 2004, the most detailed scientific examination of the Mona Lisa ever conducted was undertaken by an international consortium of researchers at the request of the Louvre’s paintings department. During the following years, processing and analysis of the data led to important scientific work in the field of art conservation, yielding rich documentation of the painting’s current condition. As part of this effort, the National Research Council of Canada acquired a high-resolution colored 3D model of the Mona Lisa, using its polychromatic 3D laser sensing technologies.

    This video presents selected results from that project in the form of dynamic imagery that allowed application experts to better understand Leonardo’s masterpiece through interactive navigation and transformation of the model. The nature and size of the dataset required innovative approaches to 3D modeling and rendering. All renderings were produced using Atelier3D, software developed at the National Research Council of Canada for visualization and detailed analysis of large sensor-acquired datasets.


    Atelier3D (custom), Adobe After Effects, PolyWorks by InnovMetric, Autodesk 3ds Max, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Virtual Dub

Additional Contributors:

    Directors: Guillaume Poirier, Philippe Massicotte, Louis Borgeat, Guy Godin

    Technical Assistance: Luc Cournoyer, Daniel Gamache, Michel Picard

    Research & Development: Angelo Beraldin, François Blais, Louis Borgeat, Luc Cournoyer, Louis-Guy Dicaire, Jacques Domey, Guy Godin, Philippe Massicotte, Michel Picard, Guillaume Poirier, Marc Rioux, John Taylor

    Production: Visual Information Technology Group, National Research Council of

    Acknowledgements: Musée du Louvre, Centre de recherche et de restauration des musées de France

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