“Mon(s)tre (Monster-clock)” by L’Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués

  • ©Charles Schneck, Geoffroi Ridel, Daphné Parrot, Yann Poyac, and Anthony Le Saout


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    Mon(s)tre (Monster-clock)


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • L’Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués


    Time is a monster that is constantly chasing us …

    This short introduces a little girl playing with a clock. The clock happens to break, revealing a brutal mechanical monster and disrupting the time of her world.

    Mon(s)tre was our second short, one of two student shorts realized during a four-month period in 2008 at L’institut supérieur des arts appliqués. It was a good way to test our capacities on a mini-production pipeline. Each one of us had the opportunity to do our best work in a complementary way and in a very short amount of time.

Additional Contributors:

    Directors: Charles Schneck, Geoffroi Ridel, Daphné Parrot, Yann Poyac, Anthony Le Saout

    Environmental Animations Titles & Credits: Anthony Le Saout

    Animation & colorisation Monster & Girl: Charles Schneck

    Camera Mapping, Matte painting, 3D monster’s cogwheel Compositing: Daphné Parrot

    Matte-Painting Compositing, VFX, 3D Clock: Geoffroi Ridel

    Compositing, Matte painting, 3D integration, Editing: Yann Poyac

    Acknowledgements: Joséphine Stephenson (music), Liselotte Schrike (flute), Elsa Desjardins (sound capture), Yannick Delmaire (sound FX)

    Production: L’institut supérieur des arts appliqués

Animation / Video Overview: