“Minamitama District” by Nagoya City University

  • ©Nobuo Takahashi  Nagoya City University


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    Minamitama District


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  • Nagoya City University


    After World War II, Japan accomplished an economic revival. The concentration of population in the cities came during the post-war period of strong economic growth. Construction and housing development advanced rapidly. Positive financing of financial institutions was backed up during the economic bubble of the 1990s. As a result, large-scale, quasi-public corporations developed one after another. However, this development ended with the bursting of the bubble economy. Real estate values dropped sharply. Bad loans caused financial failures. A fiscal deficit was generated by the government’s protection of financial institutions. In 2008, total debt held by the Japanese government exceeded 800 trillion yen. This animation shows the economic growth of Japan during these postwar years.


    Autodesk Maya

Additional Contributors:

    Director/Producer: Nobuo Takahashi

    Senior Animators: Akemi Domoto, Satoshi Gonokami, Taro Hirano, Yasuhiro Takao

    Animators: Shouta Hatai, Yui Okamoto, Makito Tsubaki, Shohei Yamaguchi

    Modelers: Jun Kawabata, Ran Miyanaga, Hiroko Ota

    Production: Nobuo Takahashi CG Laboratory, Nagoya City University

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