“Lucia” by Felix Gönnert Animation

  • ©Felix Gönnert and Konrad Wolf  Felix Gönnert Animation


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  • Felix Gönnert Animation


    Wandering about the hospital by night, Lucia discovers several X-rays. The image of a skull fires her imagination, and before long, dream and reality begin to blur…
    The aim of this work is to tell the story through the perspective of the main character. The animation and atmosphere tell the story without words. Lucia overcomes the fear of her illness through her imagination.

    The aesthetic of X-ray imges and the look of computer-generated pictures were the starting point for the design of this short. Both have artificial and organic elments I could play with. The character design resembles the appearance of puppets. I made this decision to avoid complexity, and I thought it might work because the story is told from the perspective of a child. Fluid effects in Maya helped me to achieve the desired look of smoky forms in the X-ray world.


    Dell Precision workstations


    Maya 4.5, Adobe Photoshop 6.0, Adobe Premiere 6.5, After Effects 5.5, Avid

Additional Contributors:

    Director and Producer: Felix Gönnert, Felix Gönnert Animation, Konrad Wolf


    Director and Screenplay Modeling and Animation Shading and Lighting X-Ray Pictures Research: Felix Gönnert

    Editor: Gregor Wille

    Cloud Animation: Josef Risling

    Moon Photography: Torsten Krökel

    X-Ray Pictures Research: Felix Gönnert, Gerhard Spillner, Jürgen Uhlendorf

    Hospital Set Dressing: Sonja Winzenried

    Additional Set Dressing: Tobias Laarmann, Michael Labus

    Foley Artist: Günter Röhn

    Music and Sound: Max Knoth

    Cardiologic Sounds: Bruno Moreigne

    Re-Recording Mix: Matthias Schurz

    Girl’s Voice: Philine Wittur

    Music Recording Engineer: Ingo Baier

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