“Lifted” by Rydstrom

  • ©Gary Rydstrom  Pixar Animation Studios





Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Pixar Animation Studios


    A young alien student tests the patience of an increasingly weary instructor as he attempts to abduct an innocently slumbering farmer in “Lifted,” the comical latest short film from Pixar Animation Studios.

Additional Contributors:

    Written & Directed by: Gary Rydstrom

    Supervising Technical Director: Bill Polson

    Produced by: Katherine Sarafian

    Supervising Animator: Gini Santos

    Production Designer: Mark Cordell Holmes

    Executive Producers: John Lasseter, Osnat Shurer

    Lighting Supervisor: Tim Best

    Character Supervisor: Bill Sheffler

    Supervising Technical Director: Bill Polson

    Effects Supervisor: Michael Lorenzen

    Camera Lead: Patrick James

    Music by: Michael Giacchino

    Editor: Steve Bloom

    Modeling Artists: Andrew Dayton, Michael Krummhoefener, Jonathan Paine, Mark Therrell

    Lighting Artist: Steven James

    Layout & Camera: Craig Good, Bob Whitehill

    Effects & Simulation: Sandra Karpman

    Shading Artists: Josh Qualtieri, Lena Petrovic, Patrick Guenette, Samuel Daffner, Sean Feeley, Sonja Struben, Amelia Chenoweth, Holly Lloyd, Danielle Feinberg, Claudia Chung, Jeff Kember, John Anderson, Dean Foster, Edwin Chang, Ben Andersen, Weiwei

    Story by: Jeff Pidgeon, Max Brace

    Animators: Doug Frankel, Steven Clay Hunter, Patty Kihm

    Digital Paint: Bryn Imagire, Laura Phillips

    Matte Paint: Paul Topolos

    Art: Jason Deamer, Greg Dykstra, Dan Lee, Daniel Arriaga, Dominique R. Louis, Wendell Lee, Matt Majers, Alan Barillaro

    Production Coordinators: Alex Mandel, Dana Murray, Brice Parker, Kathleen Relyea

    Image Mastering: Joshua Hollander, Rod Bogart, David Lorsher, Robin Young

    Special Thanks: Steve Jobs, Ed Calmull, Simon Bax, Lois Scali, Sarag McArthur, Andrew Stanton, Mary Coleman, Kevin Reher, Marc Sondheimer, Roger Gould

    Sound: Gary Rydstrom

    Post Production Supervisor: Paul Cichocki

    Post Production: Skywalker Sound

    Assistant Editors: Tim Fox, Chris Vallance, Anthony Greenberg

    Title Design: Mark Cordell Holmes, Andrew Jimenez

    Production Assistants: Jeanne Applegate, Jaclyn Brodsky, Susan Frank, Becky Neiman

    Assistant to the Producers: Alice Clendenen

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