“Lautriv Chromagnon Medusa (LCM)” by F.A.B.R.I.CATORS

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    Lautriv Chromagnon Medusa (LCM)


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    Excerpts from an interactive video animation based in the Lautriv Chromagnon Medusa (LCM), a hybrid interactive, augmented, handcrafted sculpture with intelligent skin, embracing a compendium of ancient forms, related to ancient western history, art, literature, myths, and storytelling

    The main goal of the project was to preserve the concept of the original installation and to make it available to a large number of visitors in an accessible format. This digital interactive version was produced due to the delicate fragility of the sculpture material, the difficulties of upgrading the software and hardware, and issues related to transportation and accessibility.

    The LCM installation was created in 1995. It is articulated by a 1.7-meter sculpture (plaster, metal, rubber, fiberglass, and wood) that embraces a compendium of mythical ancient forms: the head of Medusa (snakes), the chest and hand of the Discobolus of Myron, the abdomen and legs of the Venus of Cenere.

    One can look into Medusa’s eyes, touch her, and navigate and interact within her dreams, premonitions, and fears. Medusa’s content is articulated by digital, virtual, and analog worlds, shifting from two-dimensional to three-dimensional visions, from local to remote, from analog to digital, to interactive, and to telematic audiovisual experiences. When you look through the eyes of this gorgon, rather than petrifying the senses, it augments and magnifies them.

    The name was created by inverting the word VIRTUAL to LAUTRIV. Chromagnon is a word made up of Chroma(+) key + Cromagnon.

    LCM received the Mention Prize at Ars Linz Electronica 1997. It has also been exhibited in the Innovation Gallery of the Science and Technology Museum Leonardo da Vinci, Milan; Imagina’95, Montecarlo; Robotix, McLellan Galleries, United Kingdom; Les Vogague Virtuales des 3 suisses; Au Monde de l’Art, Paris; SIGGRAPH 96; MediARTech’96, Fortezza da Basso, Florence; and MAV, the Virtual Archeological Museum of Herculaneum, Italy.




    Maya, Photoshop Premiere

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    Director: Franz Fischnaller

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