“King and Lionheart” by Wilson and Moser

  • ©Mihai Wilson and Marcella Moser  WeWereMonkeys


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    King and Lionheart




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  • WeWereMonkeys


    Under a leaden sky, a utopian empire is overthrown by a malefic foreign horde. In the aftermath, a regal brother and sister are separated and desperately struggle to reunite.

Additional Contributors:

    Artist: Of Monsters And Men
    Record Label: Republic/Universal Music
    1st AD: Gabriel Teller
    Director of Photography: Philippe Roy
    Production Studios: Vision Entertainment/Band With Pictures
    Executive Producer: Geoff Mclean
    (Vision Entertainment) Producer: Marcella Moser
    Co-Producer: Michael Solomon
    Production Supervisor: Josh Usheroff
    Commissioner: Kate Miller
    (Universal Music) Art Director/VFX Artist/Matte Painter: Mihai Wilson
    Assistant Matte Painter: Kazumichi Nakashima
    Lionheart: Elle Nunnerly-Paquette
    King: Manau Nunnerly-Paquette
    Dwellers: Benoit Jutras, Vlado Stokanic, Eric Massicotte, Claude Gauthier, Laurent Phaneuf, Mathias Nepveu, Oscar Ocelotl Aguirre, Lisa Gamble, Kazumichi Nakashima, Michael Solomon
    Art Department/Lead Production Assistant: Lisa Gamble
    Art Department: Kazumichi Nakashima
    SFX Makeup Artist: Jessica Lemieux-Roy
    SFX Makeup Assistant: Alexandrine Lavoie
    Hair Stylist: Dominique Dupras
    Costume Designer: Marcella Moser
    Assistant Costume/Tailor: Laura Brown
    1st AC: Éric Morin
    1st AC: Mathieu Nadon
    Gaffer: Max Robert-Lachaine
    Gaffer: Christian Mouzard
    Best Boy: Léo Lecourt-Pelletier
    Key Grip: Bob Mckenna
    Grip: Kyle Pelletier
    Data Wrangler: Nelson Billamil
    Greenscreen Studio: Studios
    Unit Manager: Aleks Bjelica
    Production Assistant: Ariane Collman
    Production Assistant: Olivia Barr
    Production Assistant: Ben Mckinnon
    Craft & Catering: Michael Dalla Libera
    Weapons: Andrew Campbell

Animation / Video Overview: