“John Carter” by Stanton

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    John Carter


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Cinesite


    “John Carter” was a massive undertaking for Cinesite. Their work included creating the mile-long travelling mining city of Zodanga, various warships, CG troops, the city of Helium and other CGI environments. They also created the mysterious Thern energy effect, using a combination of Maya, Houdini, and in-house software.

Additional Contributors:

    Producers: Lindsey Collins, Jim Morris, Colin Wilson
    Visual Effects Supervisors: Sue Rowe, Simon Stanley-Clamp, Jon Neill, Christan Irles, Andy Robinson, Ben Shepherd, Zave Jackson, Helen Newby
    CG Supervisor: Artemis Oikonomopoulou
    Animation Supervisor: Catherine Elvidge
    CG Sequence Supervisors: Axel Akesson, Nikos Gatos, Ian Ward
    Lead Texturers: Laurent Cordier, Lina Hum, Adam Redford, Adam Walker
    Lead Layout Artists: Ummi Gudjonsson, Thomas Mueller
    Lighting Leads: Richard Bell, Joel Bodin, Marion Nove-Josserand
    Lead Shader Writer: Alex Wilkie
    Lead Houdini TDs: Nikki Makar, Richard Pickler
    Lead Crowd TD: Jane Rotolo
    Head of VFX Technology: Michele Sciolette
    Head of Pipeline Technology: Alexander Savenko
    Composite Supervisors: David Sewell, John Lockwood, Lindsay Adams, Sergio Ayrosa, Ean Carr
    Martin Ciastko, Bronwyn Edwards, James Fleming, David Lee, Jim Parsons, Ian Plumb, Alex Smith, Jamie Wood, Kai Woytke
    Lead Digital Matte Painter: Lino Khay
    Head of VFX Photography: Aviv Yaron

Animation / Video Overview: