“John Carter” by Stanton

  • ©Andrew Stanton  Double Negative



    John Carter


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Double Negative


    Double Negative surmounted extreme creative, technical, and logistical challenges to create the world of “John Carter”. The work, created by a team that peaked at 850, included 960 shots featuring Tharks, Woola, White Apes, and Thoats, along with environments for the White Ape Arena, Thark City, and the Temple of Iss exterior.

Additional Contributors:

    Producers: Lindsey Collins
    VFX Supervisor: Peter Chiang
    VFX Producer: Matt Plummer
    Double Negative VFX Supervisor: Ryan Cook
    Double Negative VFX Supervisor: Ken McGaugh
    Double Negative VFX Supervisor: Paul Riddle
    Animation Supervisor: Eamonn Butler
    Animation Supervisor: Steve Aplin

Animation / Video Overview: