“Inseparable Bonds” by Holmgren

  • ©Lars Magnus Holmgren


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    Inseparable Bonds





    “Inseparable Bonds” offers a fresh alternative to “reality” television, presenting instead “surreality” television. Our host with the most, Sir Real, interviews his latest special guests, a couple who have merged mind, body, soul, and gender to become the one abom- inable character: Gareena.

    The talking “heads” (Gareena character) were achieved by mapping steady-tracked footage of the actors onto 3D geometry. IK was then used to control the neck rotations. Since this is such a dialogue- intensive movie, a smart way to bring these two characters to life was essential. Animating the heads with a 3D-lip-sync solution would have been an extremely time-intensive affair. Sir Real, shot against blue-screen, acts on a 3D-CG stage and environment. The 3D “follow-spot” effect was enhanced by compositing “live-action” dust. The 3D “Gareena vehicle” is complete with 3D-particle exhaust smoke. The holographic “aura” effect on the Sir Real character was created with Maya particles. The Lady-Beetle was built to proportions of the actress via digi-stills, which were also used to create texture maps. The animation achieved via IK was based on the actress’s dance, exaggerated with leaps etc. The “outro sequence” also features “helicopter chickens” – IK animation, multi-layered 3D particle fog, multi-layered 3D textural planes and objects, depth of field, and detailed shadow passes composited via Shake.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Dominic Buttimore
    Sound Design: We Write Music Ltd (Oliver Davis and Bouke Visser)
    Camera and Lighting: Matt Lee-Redman
    Editor: Alan Andrews
    Cast: Stewart Harvey-Wilson, Helen Watkins, Richard Mazola, Michelle Ricci
    Cast Representation: Olivia Bell Ltd
    3D Animation: Lars Magnus Holmgren
    Stage Manager and Gaffer: Robert Le Merle
    Assistant Stage Manager: Michelle Ricci
    Title Design/Credits Design: Lars Magnus Holmgren
    2D Pre Visualisation: Andrew (Ziggy) Ziggourias, Christophe Allender, Paul O’Shea
    Digital Compositing: Lars Magnus Holmgren
    Steady Tracking: Francois Gilguy, Lars Magnus Holmgren, Ric Comline, Nick Seresin
    Digital Matte Cutting: Richard McKeand
    Key Grip: Jonathan Coutts
    3D Particle R&D: Greg Massie
    Data Management: Paul Stocker, Sal Umerji, Paul Brannan
    Bookings: Sam Davidson, Oliver Money, Sharrudin Rosunally
    Bluescreen Facilities Centrestage Studios Ltd

Animation / Video Overview: