“IBM Transportation” by Cullen

  • ©Matthew Cullen  Motion Theory


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    IBM Transportation




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  • Motion Theory


    Part of IBM’s “Smarter Planet” campaign, fully-animated “Transportation” embodies the spirit of reactive data and technology working in harmony to build a smarter planet and better our lives.

Additional Contributors:

    Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
    Executive Producer: Lee Weiss
    Associate Producer: Rich Fiset
    Senior Partner/Worldwide ECD: Susan Westre
    Senior Partner/ECD: Tom Godici, Greg Ketchum
    Creative Directors: Rob Jamieson, Chris Van Oosterhout
    Executive Music Producer: Karl Westman
    Production Company: Motion Theory
    Executive Producer: Javier Jimenez
    VFX Company: Motion Theory
    Creative Director: Mathew Cullen
    Associate Creative Director: Mark Kudsi
    Producer: Patrick Nugent
    Art Director: Chris Riehl
    CG Supervisor: Danny Zobrist
    Designers: Leanne Dare, Kenneth Lee, Satomi Nagata
    Code Artists: Ryan Alexander, Elise Co, Josh Nimoy, Keith Pasko, Jeremy Rotsztain, Tim Stutts
    Previs/Layout: Scott Cullen, Parker Sellers
    3D Artists/Animators: Brian Broussard, John Cherniack, Scott Cullen, Casey Hupke, Matt Johnson, Andrew Kinsler, Oded Raz, Bryan Repka, Klaus Seitschek
    Compositors: Mathew Cullen, Matt Lavoy, Ash Wagers
    Finishing: Danny Yoon
    Production Manager/HR Director: Tina Van Delden
    Production Coordinator: Paul Pianezza
    Production Assistant: Sarah Smith
    Editorial Company: String
    Editor: Doron Dor
    Assistant Editors: Jeff Aquino, Jeff Johnston

Animation / Video Overview: