“HP Hands – Jay-Z” by Dayton/Faris

  • ©Dayton/Faris  Motion Theory


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    HP Hands - Jay-Z


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  • Motion Theory


    Jay Z’s conversational gestures create a stream of intricate animations that bring his ideas to life and illustrate how a computer can be among the most personal of our possessions.

    A single take of choreographed hand gestures were combined with intricate design, animations, and CG to show how a notebook computer reflects its owner’s personality and interests. Every element and action was carefully planned, designed, and animated to match the hand movement.

Additional Contributors:

    Agency Credits

    Creative Directors: Rich Silverstein, Steve Simpson

    Group Creative Director: Mike McKay

    Associate Creative Director/Art Director: Stephen Goldblatt

    Art Director: Pete Conolly

    Writer: Mike McKay

    Senior Agency Producer: Hilary Bradley

    Agency Executive Producer: Josh Reynolds

    Director: Dayton/Faris

    Production Company: Bob Industries

    Executive Producers: TK Knowles, John O’Grady, Chuck Ryant

    Director of Photography: Ellen Kuras

    Design/Animation/VFX: Motion Theory

    Creative Director: Mathew Cullen

    Art Director: Kaan Atilla

    Executive Producer: Javier Jimenez

    VFX Supervisor: Vi Nguyen

    3D Animators: Jesse Franklin, Danny Zobrist, Christina Lee, Nick Losq, Chris Clyne, Andrew Romatz, Ira Shain, Helen Choi, Grace Lee, Jim Goodman, Matt Wheeler, Sarah Bocket

    Designers/Animators: Mark Kudsi, Kaan Atilla, Matthew Cullen, Jake Sargeant, Jesus De Francisco, Mike Slane, Ron Delizo, Mark Kulakoff, Matt Motal, Rob Resella, Paul K. Lee, Chad Howitt, John Fan, Christian De Castro

    Post Production Supervisor: James Taylor

    Editor: Jason Webb

    Compositing/VFXL: Danny Yoon – 1.1 VFX

    Audio Post: Eleven

Animation / Video Overview: