“Gorillaz at the Brit Awards” by Candeland and Hewlett

  • ©Pete Candeland and Jamie Hewlett


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    Gorillaz at the Brit Awards




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Passion Pictures


    Following the success of the Gorillaz videos directed by Jamie Hewlett and Passion Pictures’ Pete Candeland, the 2D designs have been trans lated into 3D computer animation for a “live” performance at the Brit Awards. Clay maquettes of each character were used to build wireframes in Lightwave 7.0 and rigged for animation in Messiah. Scanned and painted textures prepared in Photoshop and Body Paint 3-D (Maxon) were used as skin. To create the illusion of the band members appearing on stage, each had its own LED screen arranged in a conventional group line-up.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Cara Speller
    Client: EMI Records
    Lighting + Textures: Stuart Hall, Andrew Bradbury, Robin Konieczny, Matt Westrup
    Band Management: CMO Management
    Gorillaz created by Jamie Hewlett, Damon Albarn
    Technical Director: Mark Wilson
    Editor: Stuart Hutcheson
    Choreographer: Blanca Li
    Visual Effects Supervisor: Chris Knott
    Brits Director: Hamish Hamilton
    Production Manager: Rachel Stroud
    Production Company: Passion Pictures
    Executive Producer: Andrew Ruhemann
    Animation 2D: Pete Candeland
    Animation Assistants 2D: Molly Sanderson, Dave Burns
    Animation CG: Phil Dale, Wesley Coman, Geoff Suttor, Mark Wilson, Chris Hemming, Asa Movshovitz, Dave Sigrist

Animation / Video Overview: