“Gopher Broke” by Blur Studio

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    Gopher Broke




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Blur Studio


    Styled in classic cartoon comedy tradition, “Gopher Broke” tells the tale of a cunning rodent’s smashing encounter with a produce truck on a lonely country road.


    IBM IntelliStation workstations with dual Intel P4 Xeon 2.8 or 3.06 GHz. Each workstation has 2 GB of RAM and an NVIDIA Quattro 980XGL graphics card.


    3ds Max, Brazil, Digital Fusion, Premiere, DPS Velocity, Photoshop

    Plug-Ins: Afterburn: Dust FX, Deep Paint, Shag

Additional Contributors:

    Directors: Jeff Fowler

    Producer: Al Shier


    Writer: Jeff Fowler

    Executive Producer: Tim Miller

    Additional Story: Keith Lango, Tim Miller

    Associate Producer: Mandy Sekelsky

    Animation Supervisor: Marlon Nowe

    Lighting & Compositing Supervisor: Dan Rice

    Storyboards: Jeff Fowler

    Concept Art: Sean McNally, Chuck Wojtkiewicz

    Layout: Jeff Fowler, Derron Ross

    Animation: Wim Bien, Jeff Fowler, Remi McGill, Marlon Nowe, Samir Patel, Derron Ross, Davy Sabbe, George Schermer, Jason Taylor

    Modeling: Ricardo Biriba, Sze Chan, Jangwoo Choi, Zack Cork, Remi McGill, Barrett Meeker, Sid Moye, Cemre Ozkurt, Dan Rice, Seung youb (Kull) Shin, Sung-Wook Su, Jason Taylor

    Rigging: Carlos Anguiano, Remi McGill, Barrett Meeker, Seung youb (Kull) Shin, Jason Taylor

    Lighting & Compositing: Heikki Anttila, Sebastien Chort, Tom Dillon, Makoto Koyama, Kevin Margo, Sid Moye, Dan Rice, Brandon Riza, Derron Ross, Seung youb (Kull) Shin, David Stinnett, Tim Wallace, Dave Wilson

    Visual Effects: Seung Jae Lee, Todd Perry, Sung-Wook Su

    Title Design: Norn Kittiaksorn, Adam Swaab

    Production Assistant: Amanda Powell

    Programming and Systems Administration: Paul Huang, Daemeon Nicolaou, Matt Newell, Duane Powell, Barry Robinson

    Music: Rob Cairns, Tony Morales

    Sound Design and Recording: Allison Bernardi, Chris Trent, Gary Zacuto

    Voice Talent: Greg Berg

    Sound Mix: Gary Zacuto, Shoreline Studios

    Digital Film Recording and Film Processing: Fotokem

Animation / Video Overview: