“Espace “La Vie d’Hector”” by Framestore CFC

  • ©Dom and Nic


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    Espace “La Vie d’Hector”




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  • Framestore CFC


    The adventures of Hector, a flat, “paper” cartoon character who escapes from a newspaper in a waiting room and hitches a train ride to the country. He hikes through a variety of environments before climbing a hillside and enjoying the beautiful view.

    The challenge facing the team was to create a character who, while essentially 2D, was interacting in a 3D world. This required construc-tion of two separate rigs, a 2D one and a 3D one for moments when an element of depth was required, and for little extras like Hector flapping in the wind. Altogether, it took about six weeks working in Maya to bring Hector to life.

    One small detail likely to be lost on people who are focusing on Hector is that the beetle he rides briefly is also a CG creation. The incredibly life-like creature was built, textured, rigged, and animated in two weeks in Maya, using a real (and distinctly smelly) preserved beetle as a model.


    Maya, Inferno, Shake

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Dom and Nic, Framestore CFC

    Producer: Outsider (UK), Bandits (France), Production Companies – for Publicis Conseil (Agency)


    Framestore CFC, (Team of 10)