“Fetch” by Axis Animation

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  • Axis Animation


    Colin takes his dog, Cumberland, to the park for a game of fetch, but Cumberland has other ideas. What happens when man’s best friend refuses to co-operate?
    “Fetch” was originally written as a pilot epi-sode for an animated series for the BBC called “Colin and Cumberland”, which promoted the indigenous languages of Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. After a handful of epi-sodes, BBC Education decided to change the general content of the show, which meant the initial episodes needed to be cut. After the series was completed, the BBC kindly agreed to allow Axis Animation to complete and screen some of the initial scripts on the festival circuit. “Fetch” is the first of the initial scripts to be completed.

    TEXTURING: All texturing was done by scanning pencil drawings and treating them in Photoshop.

    PRODUCTION: Modeling: polygons and NURBS, UV mapping Average CPU time for rendering per frame: 1-5 minutes
    Pre-production time: three months
    Production time: three weeks


    PC Xeon 2 GHz CPU, 4 GB RAM

    Rendering farm: 40 CPU


    Modeling, Animation, Rendering: Lightwave Compositing: Combustion

    Editing: Premiere, Final Cut Pro

    OS: Windows 2000

    Lightwave, Photoshop, and Premiere

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