“Fed Ex – Moon Office” by The Mill

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    Fed Ex - Moon Office


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • The Mill


    The project, led by Mill VFX Supervisor Alex Lovejoy and CG Supervisor Yann Mabille, envisions the first FedEx office on the moon. One challenge with this spot was replacing all the heads of the FedEx employees, since the bodies were shot in 48 fps for moon-like motion, while alternative footage had to be shot at 24 fps to match the dialogue.

    A huge effort from the Mill CG team was the set extension. Building on the photogrammetry technique the team often uses, the team surveyed the set by shooting reference photos that they later used to rebuild and extend the set virtually. Due to the spherical nature of the moon station, the team pre-built camera movements in XSI and reverse engineered angles to show how elements such as the desks would have appeared in relation to the camera. To get the authentic space feeling, the team composited 10 different motion-control passes and multiple elements shot at high speed.

Additional Contributors:

    Product: FedEx

    Title: Moon Office

    Agency: BBDO NY

    Producer: Elise Greiche

    Production Company: Partizan LA

    Director: Traktor

    VFX: The Mill NY

    VFX Producer: Jo Arghiris, Wendy Garfinkle

    VFX Supervisors: Alex Lovejoy, Yann Mabille

    Lead Flame Artist: Alex Lovejoy

    Flame Artists: Mark French, Gavin Wellsman, Richard de Carteret, Cole Schreiber

    Smoke Artists: Tristian Wake, Jeff Robins

    Assist Combustion Artists: Ross Goldstein, Anu Nagaraj, Winston Lee, Gigi Ng

    Support: Mary Casey, Gigi Ng

    Telecine Artist: Fergus McCall

    Assistant Telecine Artist: Alex Maxwell

    Telecine Producer: Angela Botta

    CG Producer: Asher Edwards

    CG Supervisor/Lead Animator: Yann Mabille

    CG Artists: Wyatt Savarese, Douglas Luka, Aron Hjartarson, Jimmy Kiddel, Keith Kim, Will Robertson, Michael Heinz, Jin Choi, Pete Hamilton

Animation / Video Overview: