“Excerpts from “An American Werewolf in Paris”” by Waller

  • ©Anthony Waller  Santa Barbara Studios, Inc.



    Excerpts from “An American Werewolf in Paris”


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Santa Barbara Studios, Inc.


    The werewolves in this work are completely computer generated, as well as the water which is shaken off in the fountain scene.

Additional Contributors:

    Digital hair technology was developed in-house at Santa Barbara Studios.
    Werewolf animation was done using SoftImage.
    Particle animation done in Dynamation. Werewolf model was done by Viewpoint.
    Additional facial modelling was done in-house using Alias.
    Skin renders were done in Mental Ray, then motion blurred using in-house utilities.
    Dust and other particle rendering done with in-house utility. Skins were motion blurred using an in-house utility outside of Mental Ray.

    Compositing done using Flint, Avid Illusion and Wavefront Composer, and Shake.
    Visual Effects by Santa Barbara Studios
    Produced by Richard Claus Visual Effects Supervisors: John Grower, Bruce Walters
    Animation Director: James Satoru Straus
    CG Supervisor: Scott Gordon Werewolf Design/Art Director: Peter Lloyd
    Executive Producer: Bruce Jones
    Director of R&D: Phil Brock
    Compositing Supervisor: John Carey
    Eiffel Tower Falling Sequence: Mark Wendell
    Visual Effects Producer: Diane Holland
    Lead Technical Directors: Ron Moreland, Pete Travers
    Animators: Micheal Parks, Kelly Wilcox, Darren Lurie, Jim Clark
    Technical Directors: Scott Liedtka, Matthew P. Welker
    Digital Compositors: Dawn Bowery, Robert Scopinich
    Additional R&D: Matt Rhodes
    3D Camera Match Moves: Steve Galle
    3D Matchmove Geometry: Nicholas Waller
    Digital Matte Paintings: X.O. Digital Arts
    Roto & Paint: Lucy Green Taylor, Lance Wilhoite
    Effects Editorial: Yon Van Kline Technical Assistants: Mark Fattibene, Michael Kaelin, Lila Vesely
    Systems Administration: Kathleen Samec, Buckie Claborn, Jason MacLeod
    VFX Production Accountant: Sharon Wrinkle
    Production Support: Dorothy J. Butler, Mary Cleary, Janet Doran-Veevers, Carla Schwarz
    Live Animal Reference: Bear, Roscoe, George, Willy, Cassie, Kadin
    Second Unit Cameraman: Wade Childress
    Storyboard Artists: Robert Hickson, Phillip Norwood, David Russell
    VFX Legal Support: Ted Baer
    Special Thanks to: Avid Technologies, Inc., Computer Systems, Inc., Digital Equipment Corporation, Silicon Graphics, Inc.
    Digital Film Scanning & Recording by EFILM
    Executive in Charge of Production: Michael Cooper
    Producer: Tripp Hudson
    Colorist: Alex Zaphiris
    Editor: Amy Tomkins
    Production Manger: Renzo Soriano

Animation / Video Overview: