“Anaconda” by Armstrong

  • ©Eric Armstrong  Sony Pictures Imageworks





Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Sony Pictures Imageworks


    Sony Pictures Imageworks digitally created two photo-realistic giant Anacondas which would believably attack, coil, eat, and regurgitate their prey. A digital actor is also featured in the waterfall sequence. This vivid CG imagery interacts with live action elements and actors on a level never seen before.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Sony Pictures Imageworks
    FX Supervisor: John Nelson
    FX Producer: Robin Griffin
    FX Coordinator: Jacquie Barnbrook
    Production Assistant: Darcy Fray
    CG Supervisor: John Mclaughlin
    Animation Director: Eric Armstrong
    Animator: Alex Sokoloff
    Lead TA: Rob Groome
    Lead Digital Artist: Colin Campbell
    Animator: David Vallone
    Match Mover: Michael Harbour
    Digital Artist: Gimo Chanphianamvong
    Lead Compositor: Jason Dowdeswell
    Technical Director: John Decker
    Lead Technical Director: Jim Berney
    Painter: Jonn Shourt
    Lead Animator: Kelvin Lee
    Lead Modeller/Animator: Kevin Hudson
    Animator: Manny Wong
    Art Director: Marty Kline Technical Director: Mike Travers
    Painter: Raquel Morales
    Match Mover: Rodney Iwashina
    Lead TD/Production Programmer: Serge Sretschinsky
    Animator: David Simmons
    Editor: Scott W. Anderson
    Negative Wrangler: Dee Storm
    Software Coordinator: Audrea Topps-Harjo
    Software Developer: Bruce Navsky
    Head of Systems: Alberto Velez
    Systems Coordinator: Katya Culberg
    SA (Resources 3rd Party): Ted Alexandre
    SA (Hardware): Dean Miya

Animation / Video Overview: