“DIGITALSNAPSHOT: Minute Manipulations of Space, Place, and Time” by Lo Iacono

  • ©Daniel Lo Iacono


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    DIGITALSNAPSHOT: Minute Manipulations of Space, Place, and Time





    “DIGITALSNAPSHOT” is similar to music-video animations that deal with the correlation of digital manipulations and candid documentary shots. It was produced as part of a media design diploma thesis from the Univerty of Applied Sciences, Mainz ,Germany in 2003. Discreet combustion and REALVIZ ReTimer were used to produce this clip.

    What does a moment look like? Can snapshots freeze a moment in time?

    In “DIGITALSNAPSHOT,” motion fragments were captured and rearranged in a new visual context via unconventional digital manipulations. A long-take camera-movement cycle generates a unique “digital painting” that enables the viewer to experience a virtual walk through a beautiful park in summertime.


    HARDWARE: PC/Intel single 2 GHz CPU, 1.5 GB RAM. Rendering farm: 6 CPUs.
    Graphics card: Geforce 4 (gainward).


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Compositing: combustion 2. Additional software: realviz retimer. OS:
    Windows 2000.

Additional Contributors:

    Director & Producer: Lo Iacono
    Concept & Compositing: Lo Iacono
    Camera: Schuchardt, Zimmerman, Mohr, Mustatic, Meyer
    Music: Michael Kadelbach

Additional Information:

    Some rotoscoping used. Average CPU time for rendering per frame: NA. Total production time: six months (two months preproduction, six weeks shoot, three months post production). Production highlight: “DIGITALSNAPSHOT” is a kind of “doku-animation” that plays with the correlation of candid documentary shots and digital manipulation. Motion fragments were captured and rearranged in a new visual context. Ninety percent of the clip is based on candid documentary shots.

Animation / Video Overview: