“Dear, Sweet Emma” by Cernak

  • ©John M. Cernak  Out of Our Minds Animation Studios, Inc.


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    Dear, Sweet Emma




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Out of Our Minds Animation Studios, Inc.


    As the search is given up for Emma’s latest husband, Tucker, a private look reveals that Emma has a secret and uncontrollable dark side. The sweetest angel and favorite citizen of Fishtickle would indeed pose an uncomfortable dilemma for all if her problem were ever found out.


    HARDWARE: PC 3 dual CPUs, rest single 900 MHz-2.4 GHz CPU, 512 MB-2 GB
    RAM. Rendering farm: 4 CPUs.


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Modeling, animation, and rendering: Lightwave 7.5c. Compositing:
    After Effects. Additional software: Video Toaster. Custom software:
    Worley Labs Sasquatch plug-in for Lightwave for Emma’s Hair. OS:
    Windows 2000.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Out of Our Minds Animation Studios, Inc.
    Contributors: John Cernak, Danny Oakley, Keith Hobgood, Derek Cernak, Rebecca Cernak, Lori Cernak, Ian Bloom, Gene Johnson

Additional Information:

    PRODUCTION Modeling: Subdivision surfaces. Rendering technique used most: Lightwave. Average CPU time for rendering per frame: 10 minutes. Total production time: 60 days. Production highlight: We really busted butt with this one. From the initial drawing of the storyboards to a fin- ished piece was 60 days. Not bad, since there were only six people working on it, and of those six only two were able to work on it full time.

Animation / Video Overview: