“Coach” by 15 frame animation

  • ©Nikita Ratnikov and Artem Sukharev  15 frame animation


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  • 15 frame animation


    What is in the head of an old soccer coach, and how does a ball breaking through his window change his life?

    “Coach” shows the emotions of a lonely old man who is on the verge of killing himself. But suddenly an interesting character appears and changes everything, even his life. The story tells us that we should believe in good things and never give up. Someone will always help.

    The main character has a very interesting setup based on muscles that helped to form the right shape for his clothes, which were rendered using micropolygon displacement and many small hairs. The rendering process used very little ray-tracing technology, so this is a huge 2D-composed film.


    Autodesk Maya 7.0, Pixar RenderMan, Digital Fusion

Additional Contributors:

    Directors: Nikita Ratnikov, Artem Sukharev

    Script Director: Artem Sukharev

    Producers: Nikita Ratnikov, Artem Sukharev

    Concept Artist: Ilya Fortuna

    Music: Ivan Nebesnyi, Oleg (John) Suk

    Sound Editing: Ivan Nebesnyi

    Mixing and Mastering: Ivan Nebesnyi, Roman Surga

    Additional Modeling: Sergei Andreev, Maxim Zavalishin

    Animator: Nikita Ratnikov

    Technical Director: Nikita Ratnikov

    Consulting: Irina Ignatenko, Yulia Ruditskaya, Olesya Grivenko

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