“Cherries” by Cisma

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  • Cisma


    Through a custom-created particle system, this fragrance ad reveals different sensual situations choreographed to flow seamlessly.

    The initial move was to shoot and motion capture the talent acting the different situations. Then the team developed an authoring particle system that could move the cherries around the screen and make them come together to briefly form the scenes, which became the main challenge in the process. Once they got the system right, the data from the shooting were combined to create the effect. Tweaking and additional animation was required to complete the visuals.


    Custom particle system Maya, After Effects, Combusion, Final Cut

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Cisma

    Client: Myrurgia

    Product: Pacha Fragrance

    Production Company: boolab

    Executive Producer: Coke Ferreiro

    3D Composition: Jaime Ramos

    3D: Sergio Pinto

    Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson (Barcelona)

    Executive Creative Director: Luis Díez

    Account Executive: Jordi Pujol