“cEvo – Teaser” by Vortice Studios

  • ©Ivan Dario Alviar  Vortice Studios


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    cEvo - Teaser


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Vortice Studios


    This cognition-evolution software promotional teaser features underground surreal animation using various rigging techniques and particle handling to communicate the various stages of cEvo cognition processes and interaction roles.

    An artwork was conceived in 3D animation, since the concept dealt with improving massive particle handling, surreal stage creations, non-standard riggings, and bizarre animations of proprietary characters representing the software modules as metaphors.

    The photography direction was achieved by giving a mood to the stage, which is basically modeled, and in enforcement of the cEvo seed birth, splitting lighting trails in two major stages.


    3d particle systems Autodesk 3ds Max v9 (32 bits) Next Limit Real Flow 2.5 Splutterfish Brazil RS v1.2 Adobe After Effects CS2 Adobe Premiere Pro v1.5

Additional Contributors:

    Art and Animation Director: Andrés Felipe Hernández

    Production: Vortice Studios

    Director: Ivan Dario Alviar

    Sound Design: Barnier Geerling, iam studios

    Executive Production and Client Management: David Okuniev, Fat Man Collective

Animation / Video Overview: