“Certified Public Accountants (CPA) “Pin Heads”” by Shulze

  • ©Rich Shulze  Industrial Light & Magic



    Certified Public Accountants (CPA) “Pin Heads”


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Industrial Light & Magic


    1. Cyberscan head
    2. Animate/lip-sync
    3. Create grid of nulls
    4. Add z-movement
    Render z-depth maps
    Convert to ASCII
    Use python Scripts:
    Read ASCII z-depth
    Make and apply curve
    to corresponding pin
    in grid
    Write animated null file
    5. Create RenderMan geometry
    6. Bake 200 minutes/frame

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Industrial Light & Magic
    Producer: Kip Larsen
    Production Assistant: Chandra Clark
    Post Supervisor: Forest Key
    Lead Technical Director: Doug MacMillan
    Technical Directors: Kevin Sprout, Drew DiGenova, Marc Cooper
    Animators: Kirk McKinroy, Drew Kausner, Dana O’Connor, Ken King
    Modelers: Alyson Markell, Jim Doherty
    Head of CG Commercials: John Benson
    CGC Prod./Operations Manager: Sandra Scott
    CGC Prod. Coordinator: Amy Beresford
    CGC Prod. Assistant: Eric Schroeder
    CG Resource Assistant: Dani Morrow
    Video Technical Assistant: Carole Johnson

Animation / Video Overview: