“Canada Dry “Domino”” by Beck

  • ©Steve Beck  Industrial Light & Magic



    Canada Dry “Domino”


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Industrial Light & Magic


    How do you train more than two thousand penguins to act as a team in an attempt to garner a can of refreshing soda, only to fall in “domino” fashion all over each other? You create a cast of digital penguins!

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Industrial Light & Magic
    Special Visual Effects by Industrial Light & Magic
    A Division of Lucas Digital Ltd. Marin County, California
    Producer: Beth McCombe
    Production Manager: Luke Yaryan
    Production Coordinator: Jennifer White
    Production Assistant: Micheal McCarthy
    Post Producer: Paul Hill
    Post Production Assistant: Regina Gong
    Post Supervisors: Kerie Kimbrell, Lori Muttersbach
    Lead Technical Director: Alan Rosenfeld
    CGC Visual EFX Supervisor: Guy Hudson
    Technical Directors: Brian LaFrance, Will Anielewicz, Melva Young, David Hisanaka
    Lead Animator: Izzy Acar
    Animators: Ben Hayden, Steve Rawlins
    Modeler: Alyson Markell
    Enveloper: Aaron Ferguson
    Enveloping Consultant: Andy Wang
    Matchmovers: Guy Hudson, Keith Johnson, Alia Agha
    Viewpainter: Linda Showers
    Head of CG Commercials: John Benson
    CGC Prod./Operations Manager: Sandra Scott
    CGC Prod. Coordinator: Amy Beresford
    CGC Prod. Assistant: Eric Schroeder
    CG Resource Assistant: Dani Morrow
    Video Technical Assistant: Carole Johnson

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