“Cadbury “Spots V Stripes”” by Gordon

  • ©Nick Gordon



    Cadbury “Spots V Stripes”


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Moving Picture Company


    Fallon and a Glass and a Half Full Productions created Cadbury’s commercial “Spots V Stripes”, an underwater adventure anticipating the “big game” of 2012. Nick Gordon directed the spot through Academy Films. MPC created a full cast of over 60 photorealistic CG creatures and provided extensive environment work.

    The commercial shows spotty fish competing against stripy fish to get as many seaweed bubbles as possible.

Additional Contributors:

    Advertising Agency: Fallon
    Agency Producer: Nicky Barnes
    Creative Director: Augusto Sola
    Production Company: Academy Films
    Production Company Producer: Lucy Gossage
    Editor: Ed Line
    Final Cut Post Production: The Moving Picture Company
    Post Production Producer: Julie Evans
    VFX Creative Director: Jake Mengers
    VFX Line Producer: Stefano Salvini
    3D Supervisor: Stefan Gerstheimer
    2D Supervisor: Michael Gregory
    Animation Supervisor: Jorge Montiel Meurer
    3D VFX Team: Adam Burnett, Adam Elkins, Adam Leary, Ahmed Gharraph, Andrea Falcone, Andrea Kozakova, Andreas Graichen, Andrew Brooks, Andrey Ryabovichev, Anthony Bloor, Antoine Moulineau, Ben Wiggs, Charlotte Tyson
    Chris Petts, Christopher Gooch, Dominic Edwards, Fiona Russel
    Glen Swetez, Grant Walker, Ian King, Ian Ward, James Bailey, Janak Thakke, Janek Lender, Jason Brown, Jorge Montiel Meurer, Liam Griffin, Mark Brown, Monica Taddei, Nicholas Illingworth, Nidhi Seth, Richard Hopkins, Robert Hesketh, Rodney McFall, Sandy Heslop, Simon Payne, Stefan Gerstheimer
    2D VFX Team: Fabio Zaveti, Greg Howe-Davies, Heather Goodenough, Jim Spratling, Kelly Bruce, Michael Gregory, Neil Griffiths, Stephen Newbold
    Telecine: Jean-Clement Soret

Animation / Video Overview: