“Barclaycard Rollercoaster” by Fuglsig

  • ©Nicolai Fuglsig



    Barclaycard Rollercoaster



    Barclaycard “Rollercoaster” features a seemingly typical commuter going to work. But in a playful twist, he skips the subway and takes a rollercoaster instead! He rides through a metropolis of twists and turns, and even breaks for breakfast using his Barclaycard to pay for it at a “roll-thru” en route.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Suza Horvat
    First Assistant Director: John Lowe
    Director of Photography: Alwin Kuchler
    Production Designer: Jeremy Hindle
    SFX Supervisor: Kelly Kerby
    Agency: BBH
    Creative Director: Adam Tucker
    Art Director: Szymon Rose
    Copywriter: Daniel Schaefer
    TV Producer: Olly Chapman
    AP: Matthew Towell
    Editing: Final Cut
    Editor: Rick Russell
    Assistant Editors: Edward Line, Stacy Peterson
    Final Cut Producer: Laura Patterson
    VFX: The Mill
    VFX Producer: Dan Roberts
    Shoot Supervisor: Angus Kneale
    Shoot Supervisors: Ben Smith, Ruben Vandebroek, Wyatt Savarese
    Colorists: Fergus McCall, Seamus O’Kane
    Lead Flame Artists: Alex Lovejoy, Dan Williams
    Flare Artist: Melissa Graff
    Nuke: Nitant Karnik
    Flame Artists: Cole Schreiber, Naomi Anderlini, Corey Brown, Stefan Coory, Ian Richardson
    Smoke Artist: Jeff Robins
    Combustion: Keith Sullivan, Rosalind Paradis, Robert Bruce, Suzanne Dyer, Bruce Chen
    CG Supervisor: Ben Smith
    Lighting Lead: Andrew Proctor
    Animation Lead: Joshua Merck
    CG Artists: Ruben Vandebroek, Kevin Ives, Michael Panov, Wyatt Savarese, Gregory Gangemi: Yorie Kumalasari: Rob Petrie, Emily Meger, Naotaka Minami, Jeff Lopez, Pete Devlin

Animation / Video Overview: