“Audi Intelligently Combined” by Rinsch

  • ©Carl Eirk Rinsch  Digital Domain, Inc.



    Audi Intelligently Combined


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Digital Domain, Inc.


    Using the concept of a giant Rubik’s Cube, Digital Domain turns the elemental assemblage of an Audi A4 into a kinetic art piece. Each automobile part is digitally modeled after its real counterpart, allowing for an assembly as realistic as Audi’s factory floor — but far more elegant.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Markenfilm GmbH & Co. KG
    Animation & Visual Effects Digital Domain Visual Effects Supervisor: Jay Barton
    President of Commercials/Executive Producer: Ed Ulbrich
    Executive Producer/Head of Production: Karen Anderson
    Visual Effects Producer: Chris Fieldhouse
    CG Supervisor: Ronald D. Herbst
    Visual Effects Coordinator: Stephanie Escobar
    Senior Flame Artist: David Stern
    Flame Artist: Matthew J.D. Bramante
    Editor: Russ Glasgow
    Previs: David Rosenbaum
    Animators: Simon Dunsdon, Adrian Dimond
    Digital Artists: Tim Jones, Chris Norpchen, David Liu, Masa Narita
    Senior Compositor: Rafael F. Colón
    Nuke Compositors: Jacqueline Cooper, Sven Dreesbach
    Roto Artists: Hilery Johnson Copeland, Karin Last
    Integration Tracker: Peter Herlein

Animation / Video Overview: