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    The presentation of the SIGGRAPH ’88 film and video show will feature state-of-the-art equipment as well as the professional services of Audio Visual Headquarters,Inc. The film and video show is one of the largest, most technically sophisticated shows presented by AVHQ, who is also known for doing the Academy Awards.

    The video will be projected by an Eidophor projector for the second year. Eidophors project a video image rivaling that of 35mm film. Light from a 4200 watt lamp is split in three, and then reconverged on screen for a final output of 7,000 lumins. Eidophor projectors are made in Switzerland and cost about a half a million dollars. There are only 20 in the US, one of which is in the White

    General Electric MLV Projectors will be used as backup for the Eidophor. The Multiple Light Valve system uses one light valve to project magenta hues and another for greens. Execution of the entire show will for the most part, be automated. An AVL Genesis computer taking its cues from SMPTE time code on the master tape, will be programmed to drive all the equipment including 35mm Mopix projectors, double system audio dubber, one inch video player and dowsers.

    Installation of all this equipment will begin on Friday, July 29, two days later than planned because of the presence of the Democratic National Convention. Much of the 80 tons of equipment will be reassembled in Los Angeles before being shipped to Atlanta in two 48 foot trucks. The total worth of the equipment for this show is approximately two million dollars. Overall, the film and video show operation will require about 1,400 paid man- hours.

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