“Assassin’s Creed 2” by Zorkóczy and Drouin

  • ©István Zorkóczy and Alex Drouin  Gravity


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    Assassin’s Creed 2




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  • Gravity


    The story follows an assassin on the prowl in a street carnival, on his quest to reveal a secular conspiracy during the masquerades of the Italian Renaissance.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Alex Sandor Rabb
    CG Supervisor: Robert Kovacs
    Art Director: Peter Fendrik
    Lead Coordinator: Gyorgy Horvath
    Production Manager: Szilvia Aszmann
    Lead Modeler: Tamas Varga
    Modelers: Gabor Kis-Juhasz, Boglarka Piroth, Tamas Tothfalussy, Daniel Ulrich
    Painters: Peter Bujdoso, Akos Haszon, Lajos Nagy, Karoly Porkolab, Kornel Ravadits
    Lead Character TD: Andras Tarsoly
    Lead Animator: Gabor Horvath
    Animators: David Fesus-Farkas, Gabor Kiss, Zsolt Merey Kadar
    Lead Technical Director: Szabolcs Horvatth
    Technical Directors: Jozsef Bosnyak, Attila Chovanecz, Zoltan Hollosy, Csaba Mate, Peter B. Kovacs, Ivan Sarosacz, Andras Schmidt, Imre Tuske
    Compositing: Balazs Horvath, Peter Sved
    Development: Gabor Medinacz, Gabor Tanay, Robert Tihanyi
    Systems Administrator: Gabor Kali
    Office: Gabriella Banfalvi, Tamas Ory, Andrew Gaspar
    Pyrotechnics: Istvan Lupsan
    Additional Matte Painting: Dylan Cole
    Stunt Coordinator: Gyorgy Kives
    Stunts: Jozsef Kovalik, Gabor Salinger
    Choreographer: Edit Dekany
    Motion Capture: Stepan Kment
    Ubisoft: Ubisoft Montreal Chief
    Executive Officer: Yannis Mallat
    Executive Producer; Jade Raymond
    Producer: Sebastien Puel
    Creative Director: Patrice Desilet
    Trailer Creative Concept: Xavier Thomas
    Trailer Creative Concept: Thomas Giroux
    Art Director: Mohamed Gambouz
    Presentation Director: Laura De Young
    Production Manager World Team: Genevieve Dufour
    Team Lead Characters: Michel Thibault
    Art Technical Director: Danny Oros
    Animation Director: Alex Drouin
    Scriptwriter: Corey May
    Audio Director: Mathieu Jeanson
    Music Composition: Jesper Kyd
    Sound Editing: Marc Léveillé
    Sound Editing: Mario Choquette
    Sound Editing: Karl Lamoumeux
    Foley Artist: Tchae Measroch
    Sound Engineer: Didier Gagnon
    Mixing Engineer: Jocelyn Daoust
    Voice: Harry Standjofsky
    Senior International Brand Manager: Florence Baccard
    Senior International
    Product Manager: Celine Zorgniotti
    Assistant International Product Manager: Nicolas Lefebvre
    Graphic Designer: Maxime Proulx

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