“AnthroDance” by Warshafsky

  • ©Beth Warshafsky








    An exploration of human motion through dance and technology. A series of dances is translated (through motion-capture sensors) into data in a digital 3D environment. The data are then re-interpreted through an aesthetic process via 2D and 3D animation processing and editing. The process is a fusion of artistic and technological sensibilities. In “AnthroDance,” motion provides both an armature of expression and a source of data from which to draw new relationships in animation. The 3D environment opens choreographic possibilities among dancer, camera, space, and time. Bringing the data into the (physical) confines of the computer expands the (ephemeral) possibilities for interpreting movement. This allows the work to develop beyond what would be possible in the physical world. Across the forms, the dancer’s original motion forcefully transcends the limitations of digital media, allowing technology to enhance, rather than override, the physical experience. The end result, translated and reinterpreted through digital media, is a sensory fusion of human motion, technology, and music. The body and the computer are equally essential to the project – in the absence of either, it would cease to exist.

Additional Contributors:

    Producers: Beth Warshafsky, Ellen Scott
    Sound: Gerry Heminway

Animation / Video Overview: