“Aditya Birla Group India – Taking India to the World” by Gravity Visual Effects and Design

  • ©Yariv Gaber  Gravity Visual Effects and Design



    Aditya Birla Group India - Taking India to the World


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Gravity Visual Effects and Design


    Vyas Giannetti Creative (VGC) promotes “Tak-ing India to the World” by creating another visually magnificent ad for the Aditya Birla Group (ABG). “Taking India to the World, Part 2” won a silver at the New York Festivals-2007 for best effects in the film and video category.

    This new film takes the next step in depicting ABG as the meeting place of cultures. Elabo-rating on the strategic evolution, Atul Hegde, Vice-President, VGC, said: “After introducing the group as the first Indian multinational, the objective of this year’s film was to show that people from various ethnicities work in it as a team. Thus, the fact that the group employs more than 72,000 people of over 20 nationalities becomes the commercial’s leitmotif.”

    To depict a meeting place of different cultures and ethnicities, the spot was created as a surreal journey of seamless transitions through places, cultures, symbols, and natu-ral elements to depict the group’s complete mythological world.

    From the river to the sand, through the fire and the wind, we move from an Indian man waist-deep in a river doing surya namaskar to a dune scene in Egypt to a Chinese/Thai mys-terious dragon spitting fire and transforming into a leaf storm. We keep moving back and forth among the places, people, and forces of nature until it all comes together to form the ABG logo.

    PRODUCTION: Modeling with Maya polymodeling tools. Fire and sand effects were applied as textures flow over nurbs-animated surfaces. Water was created using RealFlow and Maya particles. Maya ocean shader was also useful.


    PCs, Octane, Tezro
    Rendering farm: 10 CPUs


    Modeling, animation and dynamics: Maya 6, RealFlow
    Rendering: mental ray for Maya
    Compositing: Flame, Combustion, Shake,
    After Effects

Additional Contributors:

    Client: Aditya Birla Group, India

    Director: Yariv Gaber

    Production Company: Ooops Creative Agency

    Agency: Vyas Giannetti Creative

    VFX/Animation: Ilan Bouni, Gravity Visual Effects & Design

Animation / Video Overview: