“49” by Iwano Design

  • ©Ichiro Iwano  Iwano Design


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  • Iwano Design


    In an anonymous country, a man works at a base that is equipped with powerful missiles. Today is his son’s birthday, and he has just finished making a model plane that he has been secretly creating in his spare time.

    He intends to give the plane to his son as a present when he returns home. However, just when the day’s work is coming to an end, the telephone rings. He wonders what it can be…

    This is a story of the paradoxical situation in which a typical father wishes peace and happiness for his family, though he works at a place where weapons of mass destruction exist. We also live in a complex society where happiness and anxiety are interwoven. This work is a metaphor that expresses this kind of situation.

    PRODUCTION: Character design was achieved through sketches and modeling clay based on polygonal modeling.

    Texture was achieved by scan-reading painted objects, making adjustments to them, and then pasting them onto polygonal models.

    Total production time: 39 months

    Writing the story and producing the storyboard: 24 months

    CG production: 15 months


    PC Intel Pentium 4, 2.8GHz CPU, 1GB RAM


    Modeling, animation, rendering: 3ds Max 7

    Character animation: 3ds Max

    Compositing: After Effects, Premiere

    OS: Windows 2000

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Ichiro Iwano

    Story, Design, and Animation: Ichiro Iwano

    Music: Keiji Fujii

    Producer: Ichiro Iwano

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