Langjiao – Beinan Road






  • In Syuhai, where I grew up, there is an old trail that connects the “Puyuma to Longkiau”. My hometown and the area surrounding it is home to a large population of indigenous people, and their ancestral spirit is the hundred-pace pit viper. Therefore, I used a 360 degree camera to capture the the left and right sides of the trail, and converted the image to simulate a half-human, half-snake perspective. With these images, I invite viewers to put on the VR device, and together enter the imaginary world of a hundred-pace pit viper traversing this ancient trail. This work also discusses the human perspective, where we use our eyes to see the world in front of us, whereas the sounds we hear with our ears come from the two sides of us. In this work, viewers can switch from the human perspective to see the world from two sides through the eyes of the hundred-pace viper, and experience the wonder of the merging of your auditory and visual perception.

    This psychological landscape created using the VR device not only takes us back along the path once taken by the ancestral spirit of the indigenous people, it also allows us to experience the blending of the real and virtual world.