• An etheroid is a device that mediates an invisible “something” to exist in space. Each etheroid behaves autonomously, without any higher orders dictating how it is to behave. If you set a new etheroid near another one, the new etheroid will be added to the movements of the existing etheroids. Each propagates this behavior to one of the surrounding etheroids repeatedly. Thus, the movements of etheroids as a whole creates an invisible moving “something”. This concept is to create an atom of media for existence, which is invisible. The devices operate under a physical neural network. An infrared LED illuminates invisible lights within a certain range. Together with a general communication module called XBee, the etheroid uses XBee to send information from one to another. The information list corresponds to a temporary storage area. Since the list is constantly updated, operation will continue even if the number of etheroids increases or decreases.