Statistics: Conference Chairs

SIGGRAPH Conference Chairs (North America only):

1974 – present
64 total Chairs and Co-Chairs

17 Females
47 Males

Note: It took until 1982 for SIGGRAPH to have the first female chair, Elaine Sonderegger.

From 1979 – 1993 the conference was chaired by 2 people (co-chairs) except for 2 years, 1982 (Elaine Sonderegger) and 1992 (Maxine Brown).  The only years during that time that were chaired by a woman.

SIGGRAPH Asia Conference Chairs:

2008 – present
15 total Chairs and Co-Chairs

1 Female
14 Males

Note: It took 13 years of holding an SA conference before selecting a female chair (Jinny HyeJin Choo)