Roy C. Anthony

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  • SIGGRAPH 2022

    I serve as the global head of research at DNEG, one of the world’s leading visual effects and animation studios. With deep appreciation for the interdependence of art and technology, and leveraging a career spanning virtual reality, simulation, film, experiential design, and themed entertainment, I bring over 20 years of experience driving technical innovation to empower creativity. I hold patents in stereoscopy, VR/AR display systems, and display calibration, and I contributed to technology and publications on stereoscopic and high frame-rate filmmaking. An active SIGGRAPH committee member, I have served as Production Sessions Chair in 2014 and 2015, SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival Director in 2016, and Conference Chair for SIGGRAPH 2018. Additionally, I serve on the Toronto Board of Managers for the Visual Effects Society. I am a voting member of the Academy Software Foundation TAC, and I serve on the board of the RealTimeConference.

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