Michael Liebhold

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  • SIGGRAPH 1992

    Mike is currently Manager of Media Architectures Research in the Advanced Technology Group at Apple Computer, Inc.

    Mike is responsible for long term investigations into architectures and applications of convergent interactive computing, high speed communications and high resolution media technologies. Since 1984, Mike has served as principal investigator, and manager of groups and projects within Apple Computer, responsible for a variety of hypermedia and broadband network applications and technologies. Most recently, Mike has contributed to the development of Quicktime, Apple’s media extensions to the Macintosh operating  system. Mike was project leader (and principal designer) for many of Apple’s first CD- ROM and videodisc hardware, software, and multimedia information products and has been responsible for many of Apple’s strategic partnerships in the communications and information industries.

    Before joining Apple Computer, Inc., Mike served as Director for the Strategic Systems Research Laboratory at the Atari Division of Warner Communications, where he was responsible for work on educational, entertainment, and business applications of optical and network information systems. He was Manager of Advanced Application Development at ByVideo, Inc. (network videodisc-based transactions), a consultant to online and CD-ROM database publishing companies, and earlier has been employed in various management capacities for CBS, Warner Communications, and Pacific Telephone and Telegraph.

    Mike has also served in various support capacities for his wife’s enterprise: Bonnie Bird Animation and Video Schools and Camps for Children and Adults 1971- 1991.  


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