John Matthias

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  • The National Film Board of Canada (NFB)


  • SIGGRAPH 1998 Jury Statement

    When Sue asked me to help with the Animation Theaters, I was flattered. And, being new to this, as the sheer scope of the undertaking became clear to me, that sentiment soon changed to one of awe. Ines and Sue were very patient and coached me through the procedure, and I was pleasantly surprised by how open and invigorating the selection process was. It has been a wonderful and unique experience, well worth losing a bit of sleep. The entries were a humbling collection of riches, and choosing among them was very difficult. Sue and I wanted a program that respected tradition but introduced new categories we felt would be of interest to the audience. We also wanted to ensure that chosen pieces would be afforded the best possible chance of being seen. The most rewarding part of this was having the chance to see the current student and independent work. The  selected pieces from this very promising body of submissions not only  exemplify excellence within the medium, but often transcend it and take us to places we could not otherwise know. A pleasure.  

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