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  • London, United Kingdom



  • Douglas Dodds is a Senior Curator in the Word and Image Department at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Douglas is responsible for expanding and developing the Department’s digital art collections, which range from early computer art to recent born-digital works.

    V&A exhibitions and displays include Chance and Control: Art in the Age of Computers (2018); Barbara Nessim: An Artful Life (2013-14); and Digital Pioneers (2009-10). Chance and Control toured to various other UK venues during 2019-20, including Chester Visual Arts and Firstsite, Colchester. Douglas also curated an expanded version of the Barbara Nessim exhibition, at the Bard Graduate Center, New York City, in 2014.

    In addition, he leads a project to digitise the Word and Image Department’s prints, drawings, paintings and photograph collections, which amount to more than a million artworks in total. Other digital projects include Deciphering Dickens, the aim of which is to make the original manuscripts of the author’s novels more accessible online.

    Recent publications include:

    Collecting, documenting and exhibiting the histories of digital art: a V&A perspective. In: Tula Giannini and Jonathan Bowen (eds.) Museums and Digital Culture: New Perspectives and Research, Springer, 2019.

    Chance and Control: Art in the Age of Computers, Art in Print, vol. 8, no. 5, 2019, pp.3-9.

    From Analogue to Digital: Word and Image Digitization Projects at the V&A, Journal of Victorian Culture, vol. 23, 2018, no. 2.

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