Shaimaa Monem Abdelhafez

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  • Max Plank Instituit


  • SIGGRAPH 2023

    Shaimaa Monem Abdelhafez is a PhD candidate at Max Plank Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems (Magdeburg, Germany), in the Department of Computational Methods in Systems and Control Theory. My research project focuses on model order reduction for computer graphics applications, especially physics-based real time simulations. I work under the supervision of Prof. Peter Benner and Prof. Sebastian Sager (MPI and OVGU) and collaborate with Prof. Christian Lessig (OVGU) and Prof. David Levin (University of Toronto). I had the pleasure to volunteer in SIGGRAPH Asia 2022 as well as SGI 22-23. I was awarded a scholarship for a diploma in mathematical science (AIMS and UCT in South Africa) where I worked with Prof. Alan Beardon (University of Cambridge). Prior to my PhD study, I was an assistant lecturer in meteorology applications (NILES, Cairo University).



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