“XR for Everyone, Everywhere” by Layng, Herscher and Perlin

  • ©Kris Layng, Sebastian Herscher, and Ken Perlin




    XR for Everyone, Everywhere



    A vast majority of narrative XR experiences are designed to be experienced by an audience of one. The consequences of this are long lines at events, festivals, and conferences where only a few people get to see the content, keeping an exciting new storytelling medium out of the mainstream.

    In contrast, we at Parallux create and deliver XR content from the ground up for dozens of people at once. Audiences see and hear the content simultaneously while together in the same physical and virtual space. The result is an experience that is fundamentally different from XR for the individual viewer – one that is more powerful and natural, with the added potential to scale to mass audiences.

    We first demonstrated a large-scale XR installation with CAVE, which had its technical debut at SIGGRAPH 2018 and US Premiere at Tribeca Immersive in 2019. CAVE is a shared narrative, six degrees of freedom (6DoF) virtual reality experience. In 4 days, 2,000 people attended its premiere at SIGGRAPH 2018. Thirty participants at a time each saw and heard the same narrative from their own individual location in the room as virtual avatars.


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