“WorldSeed” by Elsen

  • ©Stefan Elsen

  • ©Stefan Elsen

  • ©Stefan Elsen







    WorldSeed introduces a fractal architecture that allows to generate and render full scale planets in real-time. Similar to existing concepts (e.g. by Szeliskit and Terzopoulos [1989] [1]) WorldSeed uses self-similar fractal subdivision to generate landscape detail. By expanding the concepts introduced by Bokeloh and Wand [2006] [2] to use triangular patches rather than rectangles, WorldSeed is capable of generating relatively distortion free spherical surfaces. 64bit integer seeds are used to generate consistent worlds, similar to a concept suggest by Teong Joo Ong et al. [2005] [3]. WorldSeed will be an integral part of a virtual reality application within the CodeVenture research project to teach basic modeling and programming skills to teenagers [4].


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