“Workshop: Hi Tech – Lo Tech: K-12 Science Visualization” by Halpine

  • ©Susana Maria Halpine




    Workshop: Hi Tech – Lo Tech: K-12 Science Visualization



    Integrating multimedia applications in the classroom can be overwhelming. Grants may address the cost of computer hardware, but where can instructors find the time to explore available software? Many visualization programs are free or low cost, but students will not grasp the importance of what they are viewing without proper conceptual introduction. Furthermore, many K-12 instructors are now expected to teach topics, including basic chemistry concepts, in which they may lack proper training. The STArt! teaching Science Through Art program was developed to help teachers prepare for these educational challenges. Using an “Artist in Residence” format, workshops are developed in collaboration with participating teachers. Specifically, STArt! focuses on basic concepts addressed in the new California K-12 Science Content Standards. The program introduces molecular visualization software using narrative discussions, educational animation, and hands-on workshops using art materials and everyday objects. By exploring different learning modes, it makes basic science concepts more understandable to a broader audience. Furthermore, by collaborating with instructors within their classrooms, the program provides a creative resource for teachers in meeting the academic standards.


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